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The Myerson Agency Welcomes FinTech Expert as Partner to Lead Business Development Efforts

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The Myerson Agency Welcomes FinTech Expert as Partner to Lead Business Development Efforts Dylan Cohen joins Los Angeles wealth planning firm The Myerson Agency. – Los Angeles. With demand for income protection and wealth accumulation strategies increasing, The Myerson Agency announces the addition of FinTech expert Dylan Cohen to the team. To read more, visit […]

The Winning Recipe of Indexed Universal Life


Have you ever been to a chili cook-off? Perhaps you’ve even participated in one. I’ve participated in many, none of them professionally, but that never prevented me from engineering my very best recipe. I’ve done traditional ground beef, braised chuck, chicken, vegetarian, and more. I’ve done hot, mild, sweet, with beans and no beans, and […]

Return on the Sequence of Returns


Don’t Spoil Your Dinner! When crafting a dinner party menu, many things come into play. Who are the guests at the table? Do they have any food restrictions or aversions? Does the menu follow a logical culinary progression? Slowly and meticulously I build the menu, course upon course, until I’m satisfied I have the right […]

The State of Long-Term Care Insurance


Who Cares? Some folks love to dine out regularly, while others prefer the comfort of home-cooked meals. Many enjoy a balance of both options. Having options, and being able to exercise them, greatly improves the quality of our lives. So what happens if and when those choices suddenly disappear? Anyone who has had a family […]

There’s No “O” in IDIT


Growing up, I could never understand the idiom “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” That’s because the more logical alternative is “You can’t eat your cake and have it too,” which is obvious, since once it’s eaten, it’s gone! The phrase (similarly used by many cultures – German: “You can’t dance at […]

Why It All Matters


How often do you wish you’d answered something a little differently? In my case, at a recent professional network meeting, I wish I had talked about Joe and his wife Jess. “Your Biggest Professional Accomplishment” was the topic for general conversation at that meeting. This discussion provides not only a great way to learn what […]